Rev. Clyde A. White, Facilitator

 The Power of God's Names 

The Top 9 Lamest Excuses for Not Fasting

1.    “If I fast I might die”.

2.    “I can’t breathe; it’s too hard for me”.

3.    “I will fast” – next year, never today.

4.    Some fast for 3 meals then eat like “pigs’ and fall into bed to sleep it off”.

5.    Some feel that it’s enough to fast from bedtime to breakfast.

6.    Some people can’t function without meat in their stomachs.

7.    Some people fast for the wrong reasons.

8.    Some people claim to fast to please others, but stop by McDonald’s on the way home.

9.    Some people don’t fast because they might be “misunderstood”

Where are you on this list?

excerpts taken from the book "Prayer and Fasting" by Dr. Kingsley A Fletcher