You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado 

Rev. Clyde A. White, Facilitator

"Glory Days.....Living Your Promised Land Life Now"  by Max Lucado

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Spiritual Insight for a Living Theology  

"Information without

Revelation develops a

frustration that creates

Spiritual Retardation.

Spiritual Retardation will

slow the flow of Holy

Inspiration which produces

an absence of God's

Glorification and that my

Brothers and Sisters in

Christ will always lead to

Spiritual Constipation."


Welcome to God's Website

Do you BELIEVE God or just believe in God? 

Wisdom + Courage + Yieldedness + Faith + Trust = More

God's Power + God's Presence + God's Peace = Rejoicing

             Believer's Purpose = TGG  "To Glorify God"

 Imagine A Place

·       Where Children are Loved!

·       Where Elders are Respected!

·       Where Families are Strengthened!

·       Where Males are taught to be Men!

·       Where Girls are taught to be Women!

·       Where Marriage is Encouraged!

·       Where Africa is a Part of One’s Theology!

·       Where the Immediate Needs of the Community are on the people’s heart!

·       Where the Bible has Authority and Scholarship is not Demonized!

·       Where being Different is not a Deficiency!

·       Where one can be Single, Complete and Saved!

·       Where Christ is Head!

·       Where the Holy Spirit is Welcome!

·       Where Liberation and Salvation Meet! 

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